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Student council election -2022-23

June 11, 2022

The election for the student council was held on 11 th June, 2022.
The committee, under the guidance of the principal Rev. Fr. Cyril
Menezes as the chief election commissioner, had taken all measures for
the smooth conduct of the entire election process.
The classrooms were converted into voting booths which were well
equipped with the materials required for systematic voting. It was well
organized by the committee and the respective class teachers.
The efforts of the committee and the staff members in promoting
students’ democratic and social skills were very much appreciative.
After the completion of voting, the faculty and students gathered in the
school quadrangle for counting and to announce the final result. The
announcers enthusiastically engaged the students while counting took
place. Sufficient information was given to the students about the
election procedures by conducting quiz to the students.
The most awaited result was announced by the Principal.
Master Sam David and Master Madhusudan were elected as the SPL
and DSPL respectively. They thanked the students and the faculty
promising to work hard with faith and toil.