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Suicide Prevention Awareness

September 15, 2023

St. Joseph's Indian High School in Bengaluru is actively promoting mental health through its Suicide Prevention Awareness Drive, a collaborative effort involving the Student Council, Eco Club, Interact Club, and Teen Club. Their mission is to raise awareness and foster mental well-being among students.

This initiative commenced with a dedicated school assembly on September 15, 2023. The assembly featured important components, including a "Thought for the Day" to encourage reflection, a heartfelt message stressing the significance of mental health, and an informative session dispelling misconceptions and presenting factual information about suicide.

Master Ronish, a prominent School Pupil Leader, introduced the Suicide Prevention Awareness Drive 2023, uniting students and teachers in addressing this critical issue. Significantly, this assembly will run until September 25, 2023, ensuring a sustained focus on this crucial topic within the school community. The initiative underscores the school's commitment to nurturing students' mental and emotional well-being, promoting open dialogue, and providing support for mental health challenges.