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International Constituational Day 15

September 15, 2023

The International Democracy Day, with the theme "Empowering the next generation," was organized by the Department of Social Science on September 15, 2023. The program aimed to highlight the vital role of young people in advancing democracy and ensuring their voices are heard in decisions that profoundly affect their world. SPL Ronish from Class X B presented the history and importance of democracy, and Master Visruth from Class X C elaborated on this theme. Mrs. BRIGIT discussed the salient features of the constitution and its preamble, with Mrs. SAGAYA PREMA KUMARI providing insights into the same. Master Dhanush from Class IX A presented the preamble in Kannada, and Fr. Head Master administered the preamble pledge to all attendees, inaugurating the event. Vice Principal Mrs. Savitha and Fr. Felix presided over the function. The Department of Social Science extends its gratitude to all participants for their contributions in making the program a resounding success. Thank you for your support.