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Parent-Teachers Meeting

September 02, 2023

The PTM began with a comprehensive review of Formative Assessment 2 (FA-2) results, where teachers provided detailed insights into each student's performance, highlighting strengths and areas needing improvement. Parents were encouraged to engage in open discussions with teachers to better grasp their child's academic progress.

A dedicated session in the auditorium addressed specific challenges faced by 10th-grade students and parents. It started with a prayer by Mrs. Elizabeth Jacob and included discussions on academic hurdles, stress management, and exam strategies by Ms. Nirma, the school counsellor. This session also informed both students and parents about the upcoming Board exams, with Mr. Srinivas explaining exam procedures and guidelines while sharing effective preparation tips and available school resources.

Mrs. Rashmi efficiently managed the event, which emphasized support for 10th-grade students and a thorough assessment of FA-2 performance. Extra academic assistance, such as special coaching and study groups, was offered to struggling students. Parents left with a clearer understanding of their child's progress and better ideas on how to support their academic journey.