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"Empowering Teachers: Training for Excellence"

June 03, 2023

On 3rd June 2023, a one-day orientation program was organized for all faculty members at the school's board room, with Mr. John Jacob, Mr. Sony Thomas, and Mr. Mathew Abraham as resource persons. The event began with a prayer by Mrs. Lorraine, followed by a warm welcome from Rev. Fr. Cyril Menezes. The interactive session allowed faculty members to share their views and challenges, while also emphasizing their crucial role in shaping young minds.

Dedicated sessions focused on classroom management, creating a positive learning environment, engaging students, and meeting diverse needs. Teachers received guidance on behavior management, inclusivity promotion, and technology integration to enhance learning experiences.

The program concluded with expressions of gratitude to the principal and resource persons by Mr. Srinivas Prasad. To assess effectiveness, feedback was collected from teachers through surveys and feedback forms. Any concerns or suggestions were promptly addressed to improve future programs. The orientation aimed to equip teachers with effective strategies to foster a dynamic and enriched learning environment.