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"Unveiling the Wonders of Science"

July 17, 2023

Students of St. Joseph's Indian High School embarked on an educational visit to the National Science Museum from 17th to 19th July 2023, organized by the Department of Mathematics and supervised by Mr. Anil Fernandes. With 900 students and 25 teachers in attendance, the visit fulfilled academic requirements for the Science Subject.
The museum tour began with a 25-minute Science show, enlightening the students about significant chemical reactions. They explored four floors of galleries, featuring scientific inventions, instruments, and prehistoric life recreations. The visit provided valuable insights into machine functionalities and covered various topics from their textbooks.
The Fun Science Gallery was a highlight, captivating students with hands-on exhibits explaining scientific fundamentals. They participated in quizzes, games, and enjoyed mirror illusions. The visit concluded with informal discussions and photographs.
Overall, the visit successfully imparted scientific knowledge in an engaging manner, creating lasting memories for the students. They documented their experiences in detailed reports, cherishing the enriching excursion.