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Teachers' Day Celebration

September 05, 2022

“Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges”.

Teachers Day was celebrated on 5th September in our school with pomp and grandeur. There was an unusual excitement in the school atmosphere which was quite contagious.

The entire program was well planned and organised by the student council members of SJIHS.

The day began by welcoming the teachers at the school gate with a beautiful handmade quote by the students.

The teachers who were surprised to see the decorated staff room and cabins were escorted to the auditorium by the student council and NCC cadets. The Principal Rev.Fr. Cyril Menezes presided over the program which began with prayer followed by lighting of the lamp by the Principal, Vice principal, Mrs Nola D’lima, Mrs.Rani, Mrs.Pramila.  A variety cultural program with welcome dance, a comedy skit, dance, wishing song, a musical concert was performed as a sign of gratitude to the teachers.

The celebration also had a few games to make the child within come alive.

The Principal Rev.Fr. Cyril Menezes addressing the entire school urged the students to maintain the bequest of respecting teachers and lauded the entire staff for their exemplary contribution.

The principal appreciated the sincere efforts of the student council for all the initiatives taken in organising teachers’ day.

Thus, the entire celebration paved a new hope for teachers to rejoice the journey as a teacher.