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Amritmahotsav Independence Day 2022

August 05, 2022

On the occasion of Amritmahotsav Independence Day 2022, st Joseph’s Indian High School, Bengaluru has organized Patriotic Singing, Essay writing and speech competitions on 5th of August 2022, for students to bring awareness about Patriotism and towards the nation. It was nice to observe that a maximum number of students took part in these competitions..

The winners of the competitions has follows :

Patriotic Singing Winners  

I prize Taha 9 E

II Prize Keshav 9 B

III Prize Shivashankar 10 D

Speech Competitions Winners English -

I prize Sam David 10 D

II Prize Keshav 10 C

III Prize Ronish 9 B

Consolation Prize

Hussain 10 C

Kannada - Speech 

I prize Prabhu Linga 10 A

II Prize Philomin 9 A

III Prize Surya 8 F

Hindi - Speech 

I prize Ibad-Ur-Rehman 10 C

II Prize Farhan Ahmed 8 C

III Prize Mohammed Zaid Khan 8 B

Consolation Prize Mohammed Faizan 9 E

Essay Competitions Winners English –

I prize Sreevatsav G 10th B

II Prize Kethan S 9 th F

III Prize Srujan C 8 th F

Consolation Prizes

Consolation Kishore 10 F

Consolation Mohammedd Faizan 9 B

Consolation Rishab 8 D

Kannada - Essay

I prize Sanketh Reddy A 10 E

II Prize Bhimaraya H Hanumantappa 10 A

III Prize John Vinith Raj 10 C

Hindi - Essay

I prize Mohammed Saifulla 10 F

II Prize Rajkumar 9 F

III Prize Mohammed Anas Pasha 10 B