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  • St. Joseph's Indian High School, opened in 1904 is conducted by the Fathers of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), a religious order of Catholic Church. This order was founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola in 1540. The Jesuits are active in the field of education throughout the world. In India they have established many schools and colleges. These institutions are part of Catholic Church's effort to share in the country's educational undertakings.

  • Jesuit education is inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ whom our countrymen have always revered and admired. It is also based on the sound principles of character formation laid down by St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Prospectus Rules Committee.....
  • OBJECTIVES: Jesuit education helps the student to affirm the goodness in the world. It fosters in him a sense of wonder and mystery about the whole of creation. Jesuit schools also aim at helping the students to get in touch with the world around him. This implies the creation of an atmosphere in the school where in the student can easily acquire the effective communication skills that can put him in touch with the world.

  • A personal approach to the formation of each student is another aim of Jesuit education. Only such an approach will facilitate the student's growth in openness to life's experiences. Such a process of growth will finally lead to the student's becoming a well-integrated person. To achieve that goal, discipline is necessary to cultivate proper values in the student and to ensure his rigorous application to study and his participation in the various activities of the school.

  • Jesuit education aims at excellence which means the fullest possible development of each person and his gifts or talents with a view to make him one who is available to others in loving service. It thus aims at helping the students imbibe a growing awareness of the needs of the less privileged or the poor of the world in which he lives.

  • In the light of all this, the significance of the school motto - FAITH AND TOIL - is clearly seen. With faith in God and a spirit of hard work, a student is gradually lead to be a man of character who will always uphold truth, accept the hierarchy of values, be clear on principles, courageous in action and willing to build a more just social order. The environment to foster such a growing social awareness in the student is insured in the school where equal opportunities are guaranteed to the backward and the under privileged, and also through the education of children belonging to the poorer sections of society.

  • St. Joseph's Indian High School is essentially a minority institution. It consists of St. Joseph's Indian Middle School: Standards V to VII, and the St. Joseph's Indian High School: Standards VIII to X.

  • Though primarily intended to give the Catholic education to Catholic youth, the school is open to all, without distinction of caste or creed. Catholic pupils are given a course of religious instruction. Moral Instruction is compulsory for examination. Through religious and moral instruction, we try to cultivate in our students good manner, holiness of life and dedicated service to humanity.

  • Due attention is paid in the school to physical education and games. Physical training and Inter house games are part of the school curriculum and are compulsory for all.

  • The Sports Authority of India has adopted the school for identifying and nurturing talent in games. It has appointed three trained and experienced coaches to train the students in Basketball, Swimming and Hockey. Besides the large playground, the school has a beautiful swimming pool and a gymnasium.

  • The School holds assembly in the morning on Monday. The object of the assembly is to train the students for citizenship and leadership. The students are divided into four Houses: Bhabha, Loyola, Nehru & Tagore. The House system generates a spirit of healthy competition and a sense of loyalty.

  • In the Middle School and High School a pupil can study either kannada or hindi as first language.

  • English continues to be the medium of instruction and is the second language for the pupil in the High School. There is one section in each standard in the High School with kannada medium of instruction.

  • Hindi is third language for those who study first language kannada. For those who study first language Hindi third language is kannada.

  • SUBJECTS: In the High School the student has to study three core subjects : (1) Mathematics with Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry. (2) Science with Physics, Chemistry and Biology. (3) Social Science with History, Civics, Geography and Economics.

  • Classes in Computer Science form part of the Curriculum from Standard V onwards.

  • Co-Curricular activities are an essential part of education. It is obligatory for every student to participate in any one of the curricular activities by enrolling themselves into atleast any one of the clubs present in the school.

  1. N.C.C.

  2. Scout Troop

  3. Social Service League

  4. SAFE

  5. Science Club

  6. Fine Arts Association

  7. Music Club

  8. School Band

  9. ECO Club

  10. UNESCO Club

  11. Quiz Club

  12. Bio Club

  13. Information Technology Club

  14. Philately Association

  15. Dance Club

  16. Dramatics Association

  17. Kannada Sangha

  18. Journalism Club

  19. Hindi Chatra Mandal

  20. Debating Assocation

  21. CLC (Christian Life Community)

  22. YSM (Young Student's Movement)

  23. Student Council

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