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According to the new pattern of education, the Semester System is introduced in the school for classes V – IX. Accordingly the academic year is divided in two viz., June to September and October to March. Each semester will be followed by an evaluation and vacation. Since the system of making known the marks is abolished, the students/parents will have no access to the answer papers. The grades that are awarded will be recorded in the progress report and the same will have to be duly signed and retained by the parents. Progress Reports will be sent to the parents only after the semester evaluation. However, unit tests will be held regularly by the teachers who handle the subjects.

Subjects wise project works will have to be prepared by the students under the guidance of the teachers. The same will be evaluated by the teachers and recorded along with the oral evaluations.

1. When a pupil is compelled by circumstances to be absent for any one of the evaluation (even if it be for any one subject), he must obtain leave of absence from Headmaster, in advance.
2. Unjustified absence for any of the evaluation or tests will adversely affect the promotion of the pupil at the end of the year

 Students in Examination Hall


  1. Due importance is laid on preparing well for these tests and attendance is compulsory for all the tests. No leave of absence will be granted to students during the test days. There shall be six tests in all, one mid-term and one annual exam. 3 tests shall be conducted during the first term and 3 tests during the second term.

  2. The total of all the test marks add upto 150. Mid term is for 50 marks and annual exam is for 100 marks. Promotion is granted mainly on the performance of the student in all the test and in annual examination. From fifth standard students have to study 3 languages. However passing in Kannada is compulsory. For all Kannada medium students, Kannada shall be the first language English the second language and Hindi the third language. For all Non-Kannada First language students Kannada shall be the second language and English shall be the Third Language.

  3. As regards 7th standard promotion will be declared on the basis of the performance in the District level Common / Public Examination, with same norms as the school examination.

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