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Dr N. R. Shetty, Chief Guest of Today’s function, Rev. Fr. Scotus Fernandez our Rector, Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Ekanandan our Guest of Honour and Benefactress, Rev Fr. Francis Guntipilly, Director of Community College, Mr. Ramesh Narayan Vice President PTA, respected Fathers, Parents, members of the Staff, guests and my dear Students.

Your presence gives us immense joy and happenings this evening. Today we look forward with gratitude to the almighty, who has showered on us plentiful blessings. In the words of Helen Keller – “the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched but felt in the heart”. I warmly welcome you all.

Today, very particularly, with much joy and enthusiasm, we welcome Dr. NR Shetty a renounced educationist. He is the recipient of the Shiromani Vikas Award in 1993, the Bharath Vikas Award in 1996, the Baragava award 1997 and the National Parisara Ratna Award in 1999. We feel proud to have him as our chief Guest. We are privileged to hear his words of experience in the field of education and research.

We also welcome Mrs. Vijaylakshmi Ekanandan as our Guest of Honour. She is our large hearted benefactress. When we takes a walk along the corridors of the Ekanandan Block in the new Building of our Composite P.U. College, one cannot fail to see an encased mounted sword belonging to Mrs., Ekanandan with the beautiful Sanskrit words Satayamave Jayathe embossed on the dedication plaque. This is her love and gratitude towards our Institutions. We warmly welcome Mrs. Vijaylakshmi Ekanandan to this function

Our institution Day is a special day for all of us. We rejoice in the success that we have achieved. We wish to correct the short comings of the past and try to fare better in the future. Today we look forward with a sense of hope, towards greater growth and progress. We are proud to acknowledge that we had good results, achievements in academics, co-curricular and extra curricular activities this year. I proudly place before you the achievements of our students in this Annual Report.

General Overview
This Academic year 2007-2008 began with all vibrancy with a new Principal Fr. Gilbert Saldanha taking charge from Fr. Melvin Pinto the former Principal. Thanks to Fr. Melvin for his indefatigable service. We also have Fr. Scotus Fernandez taking charge from Fr. Henery Saldanha as Headmaster in the Middle school. Thanks to Fr. Henery for his service. At our institutions this academic year began on 29th May 2007 in the Middle and High School and on 30th May in the P.U. College. This year we have a total of 1746 students and these 1092 are newcomers (235 students have joined the Middle School, 463 students have joined the High School and 392 joined the PU College).

Moreover, we have a committed band of 72 teachers (55 teachers in the Middle Scholl and High School and 21 lecturers in the P.U. College). We have 14 administrative staff and the supportive staff, who are committed and are the spirit behind the institutions. With their spirit of dedication and the guidance they offer our students in our institutions have had much to do with its progress and it attaining its desired objectives.
There 17 teaching staff and 3 non teaching staff in the Middle School. There were some changes in the teaching staff this academic year. Ms Suguna Suma resigned from teaching at the Middle School on September 1st 2007 while Ms. Shalet Pacheco stopped teaching at the Middle School on 28th August 2007. Their vacancies were filled by Ms. Elizabeth Sophia on 24th September and Christina F on 24th October 2007. There 36 teachers in the High School with 10 non-teaching Staff and 17 supportive Staff. The college has 16 Professors and 4 supportive Staff.

The Students Council
The student’s council is a body of elected members that includes a sense of leadership and democracy among the students. It plays an important role in being a mediator between the students and the management. It comprises of office bearers, class representatives and volunteers. In the Middle Scholl there are 744 students, There are 10 Office Bearers, 12 Class Representatives and 8 Club Representatives. Vicky Regiomon is the School Pupil Leader and Yeshes N is the Deputy Pupil Leader. In the High School we have 14 Office Bearers, 21 Class Representatives and 27 Club Representatives and Volunteers. Roshan Joel Washington is the President and Reevan Vishwas Rego is the Vice –President of the Students Council for the academic year 2007-08. In the P.U. College, the Student Council consists of 20 members. We have 16 representatives and 4 Elected Members. Master, Arun Kallarikal is the President of the Student’s Council, Mohammed Nadeem, The Secretary, Chetan M. Daga, The Cultural Secretary and Balaraj the Sports Secretary.

Sports and Games
Our school showed admirable commitment in sports and games. In keeping up the tradition of Josephites our students have uphold the records. We are happy to have our physical education teachers Mr. Vincent Paul, Mr. Lawrence, Mr Nagappa, Mr. Nagaraj and Mr. Jeetendra Meawar. We are also blessed with the help of 3 SAI Coaches. They are indeed very active in the filed. Through their timely guidance and effective coaching, our students have done well in the sports events conducted by the Department of Public Instruction and other Institutions.

  1. In Basketball, the Middle School team was the winners at the Zonal, Taluk and District level. The High School team were the winners in the under 14 group and also the winners at the Taluk, Districts and Divisional and State level. And two boys were selected to play the Nationals. The under 15 team were the runner-up at the Sindhi High School Tournament. The college team participated at the Taluk Level.
  2. In Cricket, four boys of the Middle School were selected to play at the District and state Level. In the High School, the Cricket Team were the under 15 winners of the TVS Cup and the LAABA Cup. They were also the runner-up in the Arokiaswami Memorial Cup. Eight boys were selected for the under 14 and under 16 teams at the District and state levels. The College team participated at the Taluk and District Level and two of the players were selected to play at the State level.
  3. In Athletics, the High School team were winners at the Taluk Level, District level and also participated in the world Athletic meet. The College team too participated at the Taluk and District Level Meets.
  4. In Chess, the Middle School lads romped home with the District and State level Trophies. The High School Team were the winners at the District and State Level. Winners at the Sports Zone Chess championship held at Bangalore.
  5. In footfall, the Middle School team were the winners at the Taluk level and runners at the district level, They also participated in the divisional and state level tournaments. The high School under 17 team were the runners up at the Taluk level, Under 14 runners at the Taluk level, winners at the districts and state level. As for the College team, they were the runners-up at the Taluk and District level. Five of the players participated in the Divisional and state Level and one represented at the Nationals
  6. In the Hockey arena, the High School team won the at the Zonal, Taluk, District and Divisional Levels. They also participated at the state Level. They were the winners of the Allan Macbride under 12 Hockey Tournament. The High School under 17 team were runners up at the State Level. The under 14 team were the winners at the Taluk Level, District and Divisional level.
  7. In fencing, a Middle School lad participated at the National Level Games.
  8. In Table Tennis the Middle School team were the winners at the Taluk and District level. They also participated in the state level.
  9. In Judo, in the under 17 category, the High School team were the winners at the District and State Level and were selected for the Nationals.
  10. In Lawn Tennis, the High School team were the winners at the District and State levels, and were also selected for Nationals
  11. In Swimming, the High School team were the winners at the District and State Levels and also won at the Nationals. At the College, Master Arron D’souza, represented both in the national and International Competitions and won 215 medals during this year.
  12. In Karate, from College, Master Ruthvik S represented India in Malaysia. He won 2 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze and romped homes with a total haul of 15 medals.


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